Living in the town of Carlin, NV affords you the ability to stay away from the hustle, bustle, and stress of city living, but it doesn't mean you have to stay away from the luxuries that the city has to offer.

As your Carlin Mercedes-Benz dealer, we're here to ensure that your journey from Carlin to Reno is everything our brand intends it to be: filled with comfort, quality, and unforgettable memories.


How You Can Find Us

Mercedes-Benz of Reno is your Carlin Mercedes-Benz dealer, and we're here to help you embrace your voyage to our lot as something to be filled with excitement and anticipation. If you choose to travel along I-80 W, you'll arrive at our front door in about four hours. Just hop on the interstate and take it west about 265 miles as you pass by Star Peak, Humboldt State Wildlife Reserve, and central Reno. When you arrive upon I-580, you'll head southbound for 9.3 miles. Once you've passed Huffaker Park to your left, our dealership will appear to your right.

The southern route is a scenic drive that's well worth the extra hour or so if you have the time to spare. NV-278 S will take you directly to Eureka, at which point you can jump on US-50 W. This five hour journey will take you alongside views featuring Summit Mountain, Wildcat Peak, and Big Creek Peak. Shortly after Fernley Wildlife Management Area appears on your right, I-80 will be ready to take you west into Reno.


What We Offer

Living in Carlin, you're used to a more rugged terrain that requires a high-quality vehicle that can take everything that the elements have to dish out. The Metris Passenger Van is an excellent option for people who haul a lot of people from here to there while the GLE350 4MATIC SUV offers a sleek and sophisticated design.


When We're Here

We're here 7 days a week to help you pick out your perfect vehicle. Our friendly sales team is available until 8:00pm Monday through Saturday and all day Sunday. Make a day of it, and visit your Carlin Mercedes-Benz dealer!